Memorize the Psalms

Psalm 119 Ghimel stanza 4

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Though princes sit plotting against me
I ponder on your rulings.
Your will is my delight;
your statutes are my counselors.

Though: If these are those, is this a though?

Princes: These princes look saintly.

Sit: Sit a while and rest.

Plotting: Garden plotting is the only kind I like.

Against: He is leaning against this fence.

Me: Do you like me?

I: I If you can’t tell what this is, it’s an eye.

Ponder: This pond is a great place to ponder.

On:On He is on the table.

Your: The simple way to represent your is to draw a puff cloud ewe and put an r next to her. your But don’t think of the word ewer.

Rulings: What type of rulings do you expect from this ruler?

Your: yourDo you ever think of the word ewer?

Will: willThis is a legal document called a will. Can you read what it says? Don’t worry if you can’t. Most of us can’t read legal documents.

Is: For “is”, I like to use an equals sign because in the statement 2+2=4, you could say 2+2 is 4. is

My: Here I am with my book.Mine2

Delight: D light is a delight.

Your: yourRemember, it’s not ewer!

Statutes: The statutes say that we can have many statues.

Are: I really like this letter! are

My: By now, you probably are wondering what my book is. Mine2

Counselors: I don’t know if you could bear to go to this counselor.

Here is the fourth stanza of Psalm 119 Ghimel:

I On your
your will is Mine2
your are Mine2

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