Memorize the Psalms

Psalm 121 Stanza 2 Line 1

(This is part four of this series; click here for the others.)

Have you memorized the first stanza? Are you ready for stanza two? Here is the first line:

May he never allow you to stumble.

May: For this word, let’s make a calendar page. may

He: Draw a stick man. HeTo show it isn’t just the word “man”, draw a hat on him. I gave him mine.

Never: I think I’ll draw an evergreen tree and then cross it out. neverThis will mean “Not ever”.

Allow: This is a tricky one. I’m going to draw one person handing another person an OK sign. allow

You: You is a funny word because it sounds like it could be a person (you) but also a letter (u), a sheep (ewe) or a tree (yew). It’s easier to draw the letter but I’ll work a little harder so that you can see a puff-cloud sheep. you They are very rare.

To: This word is already in our picture dictionary.2

Stumble: Here is an easy way to do a word. Stumble sounds almost like stubble. Stubble is what is left on a field after it is mowed. stumbleMy ewe is not happy about this.

Now let’s put it all together.

May he never allow you to stumble

I’ll be back soon with line two.

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