Memorize the Psalms

Psalm 121 Lines 3 & 4

(This is part three of this series; click here for the others.)

Hello again, everyone! Today we are going to finish two lines with very little work. Our picture dictionary is starting to come in handy. Line three is:

“My help shall come from the Lord”

We have every word in that line already done except Lord.


To depict “Lord” you could draw a picture of Jesus who is Lord of our lives. I am going to draw a simple cross. Lord
Since that was so easy we have time to memorize line four:

“who made heaven and earth.”

“Who”: whoI use an owl saying who. I hope any owls out there will recognize this picture.

“Made”: Here is a maid who made the house clean.made

“Heaven”: heavenWe can’t draw Heaven since we haven’t see it yet so we’ll just draw the sky which is sometimes called the heavens.

“and”: Make a tiny plus sign so it doesn’t look too much like a cross.and I like it that a plus sign looks like a cross because without Jesus added to our life we don’t have anything.

Finally “earth”: earthDo not show this to your geography teacher or try to use it as a map!

Here’s what we now know:


Next time we’ll start on stanza two.

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