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Mouse and Bird explore the natural world and beyond.

Mouse & Bird Explore: Bats and Moths

Mouse & Bird Explore Noisy Bats and Clever Moths Bats fly, but they’re not birds. They are small furry animals, but they aren’t mice. They fly using membranes of skin, …
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Mouse and Bird Explore

Mouse & Bird Explore: Cucurbitaceae

Have you ever eaten a cucumber? Or watermelon? What about pumpkin pie? Cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins, and squash, along with hundreds of other plants, belong to the …
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Mouse & Bird Explore: Diamonds

Diamonds are fascinating objects. They’re shiny, sparkly, and very, very hard. In fact, diamond is one of the hardest natural substances on Earth. (Two other …
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Mouse and Bird

Mouse & Bird Explore: Volcano Prints

Volcano Prints: Tracking Mantle Plumes Mouse and Bird Explore ! Volcanoes are mountains. Even though they can spout liquid rock or blow up with a bang, they are …
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Gravity Part 2 Featured image

Escaping Gravity by Giving In

Escaping Gravity by Giving In Mouse and Bird Explore ! Part 2 Gravity is constantly pulling you and everything else in Earth’s gravitational field toward the center of …
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