Prayer Requests

We’d like everyone to be united in prayer. So send us your prayer requests using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll post them here.

For Jane's Father-in-Law Gil, who is very ill, so he can understand and know the depths of God’s tender merciful love for him and allow that to convert him back to our Catholic Faith.
John asks you to pray for a family. The son's job is about to expire due to the recession and the daughter in law is seeking employment. The family desperately needs employment opportunities to make ends meet.
Thank you.
Vi asks for prayers for her sister who has very poor health. She is recovering from one back surgery and needs another one.
Please pray for a couple who needs healing, peace and mutual love in their marriage.
Please pray for Lorraine who has multiple health problems (hearing loss, memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure) and financial difficulties. 
Please pray for health and blessings for Steve and Jackie.
Please pray for Joe who has cancer.
Please pray for Phil who is searching for the right person to marry. 
Total body healing for my Mom and I. My Mom has cancer and is going through chemo. I have health concerns that are giving me anxiety. Christina
Jane requests prayers for "a dear young lady who was severely abused as a young child, who suffers continually with thoughts and desires of suicide. Who has no family to live with and is seeking one. Who is continually seeking friends and a family to live with. Who is such a good young lady in her heart and soul, struggling with so much."
Prayers requested please for a family of five who have three beautiful sons with autism. So Mom and Dad can care for them with undying and persevering tenderness and love, kindness and charity.
Teresa asks for prayers for the respose of the soul of her Aunt Marge Motta who passed away last night. 
Please pray for Sue who has just been put on hospice. She probably only has a short time left here on earth. Please also pray for her husband and family. Update 5/25 Sue passed away last night. Please continue to pray for her and for her family. 
Bev asks for prayers for her son Joshua. We have prayed for him before; his eye problems have improved somewhat and he has been seizure free for seven months. Currently, he has COVID; please pray for his complete recovery. 
Please pray for Dan who is in the hospital. The doctors are trying to figure out how they can treat his condition since he has been hospitalized many times in the last few months.
Please pray for 17-year-old Christian who is having brain surgery. He is in great pain.
Please pray for 14-year-old David who has been ill for several months with high heart rate, anemia, weakness, and weight loss. David has been admitted to children's hospital. Update 3/31: David is doing well. Thank you for your prayers!
Please pray for Ella, a young girl, who is having liver failure. Update: Ella was able to go home! Thank you for your prayers. 
Mario, who is 7 years old, will need extensive mouth surgery on 01/26. He has never had anesthesia before. Please pray that all goes well. Update: The surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers!
Liam's father had heart surgery and is not recovering well. Update: Liam's father was able to return home; he is still going through rehab. 
Claudia has cancer and is feeling very ill. Please pray for healing and strength.
For Chris who had been having migraines and has now been taken into the hospital with bleeding on his brain. Update 12/20: Chris came through the surgery. Continued prayers for healing.
Please pray for Dave who has stenosis of the spine, for healing and so that he won't have to have surgery. Update: Dave will need surgery. 
Our daughter Laura is nine days from her due date. They detected an arrhythmia on Baby Edmund. Laura is in the hospital for observation. Thank you for your prayers! Update 12/11: Edmund was born this morning at 6:50!
NZ asks for "prayers for my parents, for them to have a peaceful and holy marriage."
Please ask the Holy Spirit to send Jeremy his soulmate from a large Catholic family if it is God's will.
Please pray for Matthew the son of my best childhood friend. his kidneys and liver have shut down. They're sending him home with hospice care. There's nothing they can do for him. Update: Matthew passed away on Sunday. Please keep his family (who need reconciliation) in your prayers.

Thank you
Please pray for Sherry who has a wound that doesn’t want to heal. It has her bedridden and in constant pain.
Please pray for my friends who lost their baby at birth. Pray for me to also successfully complete my research before this year ends.
Please pray for Grace's safety.
Thad who is having brain surgery. Update: Thad has returned to the hospital because he needed another surgery.
James who is 31 and has been in the hospital for several months. Update: He is at home and is trying to learn to walk again.
Fr. Tony who is having cancer surgery on August 6th. Update: Fr. Tony is going through chemotherapy and is feeling very ill. Update 12/20: Fr. Tony is back to celebrating Mass on a regular basis.
Bonnie who has pancreatic cancer.
The repose of soul of Paul and comfort for his family.
Joshua, a young man who has serious vision problems and may lose sight in one eye. 
Joanne who suddenly has extreme cognitive dysfunction. 
Rose from Pennsylvania who is dying from cancer. Update: Rose has died. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for her family.

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels