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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of the Hidden Kingdom—The Five Sunday Gospels of July

Where is the Kingdom of God? It’s not far away. It is hidden in many places that can be found if you know where to look.

cup of water

The Kingdom of Heaven is the reward each person will receive. (Mt 10:37-42) It is received when we love Jesus with our whole heart, when we follow the way he has shown us, when we give up our life, when we welcome the people sent by God and even when we do a small act of kindness.

The Kingdom of Heaven is hidden by our Father from those who think they know everything. It can only be found by those with humble and childlike hearts who come to Jesus. (Mt 11:25-30) When you begin living the life of Jesus, then you can find rest with your Father in Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in a small seed. But it’s not meant to stay hidden. It will stay hidden if it is not watered with understanding, faithfulness, trust and simplicity of life. If it is watered with all of these things, it will produce abundant and beautiful fruit for all to see. (Mt 13:1-23)

The Kingdom of Heaven is often hidden in places where we might not look for it. (Mt 13:24-43) It can be hidden among weeds so that we do not notice it secretly growing. It can be hidden in small things that we might not think are worth anything. And it can be hidden in simple bread which nourishes us while being taken for granted.

The Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in places where it has to be patiently dug out. (Mt 13:44-52) You might have to work hard to uncover it as it lies unknown under layers of dirt or among inferior look-alikes or even among bad fish! It is also hidden in things that are old and things that are new.