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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart of Jesus shows us the Love of our Father.

When Jesus came into the world through the Holy Spirit, he had a mission. By completing that mission, he would show us the Love of our Father so that we would want to return to him. As we see Jesus laboring and suffering for us, we see the Father’s Love. (Jn 3:16-18)

The Body and Blood of Christ remind us that Jesus has poured out his life for us and even made himself our food. (Jn 6:51-58) This is amazing! Jesus tells us that the life he shares with us comes from his Father.

Right after Jesus says that he can reveal the Father, he speaks about the rest he wants to give us. (Mt 11:25-30) His Heart and the Heart of his Father want to give us rest and peace in their friendship.

Jesus desires that we have a shepherd. So he chooses laborers to take care of us and lead us into his Kingdom. (Mt 9:36–10:8) He tells us to ask his Father, the Master of the Harvest, for this gift which he is eager to give.

In the final Gospel during June, (Mt 10:26-33) Jesus teaches us not to be afraid even if we feel unimportant. The Father knows all about us. He knows all our needs and watches over us. He wants us to love Jesus and Jesus wants us to love his Father. This brings us back around to the Trinity. It is the Holy Spirit who makes it possible for us to love with divine love.