The Meeting

“It’s better that we have this meeting in the noonday sun. It doesn’t look so obvious. Also he’ll be eating his lunch and after that maybe he’ll take a little rest.”

“I wish I could take a little rest,” came one sleepy reply. A number of voices loudly voiced their agreement.

“Now, now,” said the leader. “You certainly get plenty of rest these days. And the pasture. Isn’t it the best we’ve ever had?”

This was met with enthusiastic cheers.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. When I think of all the trouble he took looking for us, how he rescued us from the wolves and healed us…

Another voice broke in. “I trust him because I think he’s going to be faithful. He’s different from all the others. And the walls that he placed around us keep us free. We are safe and don’t have to worry about being captured or losing our way.”

“What I like is the way he forgives us. I think he must love us since he stays with us day after day. After all, we’re not always the most pleasant company.”

“And I… I have never felt such peace. We don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Okay,” said the leader. “Now that I know how you feel , I’ll share some good news with you. You know how he confides in me. Well, today he told me that he’ll be taking us on a journey. He’s going back home and he’s taking us with him. We’re going to live with him forever. Does anyone want to stay behind?”

The sheep all laughed and the shepherd (who was not sleeping) smiled.

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday!