The “How is Your Christian Life?” Quiz

Saturday of the First Week of Lent

Mass Readings from the USCCB

Do you observe God’s commandments with all your heart?

Have you made an agreement with God?

Do you love your enemies?

Do you pray for them?

Are you a child of your Heavenly Father?

Do you only love those who love you?

How can you be perfect like God?

Questions from St. Dorotheus

  • Why are you troubled and disturbed when someone corrects you?
  • Is it because you do not find fault with yourself?
  • Are you surprised when you’re rebuked?
  • Do you not know that this is the path to peace?
  • Are you lazy about improvement?
  • Do you think that you have entered on a straight path?

(Office of Readings, Second Reading for Monday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time)

The Second Station - Jesus takes up His Cross

Image Credit: Photo of a Mosaic station from Covington Cathedral by Fr. Lawrence, OP

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0/Lawrence OP