The “How is Your Christian Life?” Quiz

A challenge for each one of us

Monday of the Fifth
Week of Lent

Mass Readings from the USCCB

Do you speak falsely?

Do you stand up for the innocent? Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62

Are you walking in darkness?

Do you judge by appearances? Jn 8:12-20

Questions from a homily on Matthew by St. John Chrysostom

  • Are you a sheep or a wolf?
  • Are you a part of Christ’s flock that he may feed you?
  • Is anything more important to you than your faith?
  • Do you seek revenge?
  • Do you glory in your weakness?
  • Do you answer violent attacks with moderation?

(From Office of Readings, Second Reading for the Tuesday of the 34th Week of Ordinary Time)


Image Credit: Stained glass window from St Michael’s Sittingbourne, Kent from PxHere