The “How is Your Christian Life?” Quiz

A challenge for each one of us

Holy Monday

Mass Readings from the USCCB

Do you quench a smoldering wick?

Do you break a bruised reed?

Do you help others to see?

Do you release those in confinement?

Do you bring light? Is 42:1-7

Do you serve Jesus, eat with him, and anoint him with your love?

Do you care for the poor or are you a thief?

Do you try to “kill” people who are inconvenient to your plans or ideas? Jn 12:1-11

Questions from a sermon by St. Augustine

  • Do you hesitate to believe in the promises of God?
  • Have you considered that “we gave Jesus the power to die, he will give us the power to live”?
  • Do you profess the death and Resurrection of Jesus with joy?

(From Office of Readings, Second Reading for Holy Monday)


Image Credit: Stained glass window from St Michael’s Sittingbourne, Kent from PxHere