Memorize the Psalms

Psalm 100 Stanza 2

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Hello again! If we work hard, we can finish stanza two in one day.

Here is line one:

Know that he the Lord is God

We need pictures for three words.

Know: Since “know” sounds like “no”, we can use our pictogram for “no”. not

That: Here is my hat with a “t” on the front of it. that

God: How could we ever draw a picture of God? Since this is impossible, I will use a triangle which can remind us of the Trinity. God

There are also three words to learn in line two:

He made us, we belong to him.

us/we: We can use the same picture for us and we. We is the subject of the sentence and us is the direct object but both words mean the same people. So here I am with a friend. us/we

Belong: I could draw a very long bee. But that might bee scary. My father likes to end his letters like this: “So _________ long” . I will steal a page from his letter and draw: belong

Now for our last line:

We are his people, the sheep of his flock.

We need to learn six words.

are: We’ll use the letter R. I really like this letter! are

his: How about a snake hissing? I hope that’s not too scary. his

people: Do stick figures count as people? peopleCertainly you will be able to count my stick figures.

sheep: Here is a problem. We have already used my puff-cloud sheep to represent “you” (ewe). Can we use it again for sheep? Well I think that we can because in our language we have words which look alike but mean different things (such as mean). The puff-cloud sheep looks like only one thing but it is really both “sheep” and “you”.

of: Even though this word is not off, I hope you won’t think I’m too far off if I depict a light switch that is off. off

Finally “flock”: And here we end with several happy contented ewes. I hope you are feeling happy and content. You are halfway through Psalm 100.

Here is the second stanza of Psalm 100:


Good-bye till next week!

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