On Prayer

No Christian Prays alone

“Distant peoples stand in awe of your marvels; the places of morning and evening, you make resound with joy.”

What is going on when I pray? If I am sitting alone in my room praying silently, it might look like I am sitting alone doing nothing at all. That is what it looks like but, in reality, I am not alone. First of all, I am talking to Someone and that Someone is Three Persons who are God. Then there are all the saints and angels who take a great interest in me and who love me. There are all my friends in Heaven both those who have helped me and others whom I have helped.

But today I’m thinking about another group of people that are with me. If I begin to pray at 6:00 in the morning, how many other Christians throughout the world are praying at the same time?

Across most of North and South America, it’s between five and nine in the morning. Many people are praying their morning prayers or attending Mass. In most of Europe and Africa, it’s between twelve and three in the afternoon. Perhaps people are taking an afternoon break to praise God or worshiping him in adoration. As it nears 3PM, many Christians will remember the Hour of Mercy.

In Asia, it’s either late afternoon or evening. It’s between eight to ten at night in Australia. Evening Masses are being celebrated and people are thanking God for the blessings of the day.

In New Zealand, it’s late and turning into another day. Maybe a few people are still awake and are asking for God’s blessings on the world.

How many of your fellow Christians might be praying at the same time as you are? It’s hard to say. 100,000? 200,000? No matter what time of day or night you are praying, you’ll have plenty of company. And when you pray on Sundays, perhaps you have more than a million companions.

With this knowledge, your prayer can be enriched. When you begin to pray, take a moment to think about all your friends around the world who are also praying. Unite your heart to their hearts. Ask God to bless them and help them. Ask him to hear your prayers united with theirs.