The Saints and Their Love for Mary

St. Stanislaw Kazimierczyk

A portrait of Stanislaw Kazimierczyk, image in the public domain

St. Stanislaw Kazimierczyk was devoted to Mary. He wanted to follow her example of doing all the ordinary humble activities of life with great love and for the glory of God. Because of his devotion, his preaching touched hearts, penitents left his confessional with renewed hope, the sick and troubled received comfort, and the poor were befriended.

Mary was happy to see such love and appeared to Stanislaw many times. Once she told him that he would be with the saints in Heaven. Mary knew that Jesus would welcome Stanislaw into Heaven because Stanislaw was truly following Jesus just as Mary had done in her life.

At the end of his life, Jesus and Mary appeared at the bedside of Stanislaw. Jesus said, “Get up and hurry, my son Stanislaw! Today you will be with me in eternal glory.”

Imagine seeing Jesus and Mary and hearing Jesus call you into Heaven! This is what we all wait for as we strive to love Jesus, to love Mary, and to love each person just as they do.