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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of Relationship

In our lives, we have to make many choices. To make good choices we need to consider them in the light of eternity.

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 1)

In the Gospel of the two sons (Mt 21:28-32), one son initially appears obedient and the other disobedient. But then they switch roles. Choosing isn’t something that we do only once. We have to choose God and choose love every day, every hour, every minute. And if you’ve made a bad choice, remember that it’s always possible to change your mind.

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 8)

In the parable of the vineyard (Mt 21:33-43), the wicked tenants decide to kill God’s messengers and even his Son. We have a choice to make too. God is constantly sending us messengers from his words, his Church, and the people and situations in our lives. Do we choose to toss them out or listen to them?

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 15)

Fish and loaves

In the parable of the Wedding Feast (Mt 22:1-14), there are ultimately two groups of people: those merely invited and those who are chosen. What is the difference? Everyone receives an invitation. But there are different ways of turning it down. Some people are too busy or uninterested. They don’t bother to think about the love they will lose. Others don’t bother to love and so they are not ready for the feast of love. Choose to think and to love.

29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 22)

Some Pharisees ask Jesus if they should pay a tax to Caesar or not. (Mt 22:15-21) They are trying to trap Jesus. Instead of being trapped, Jesus gives us all something to think about: What things belong to God? What things are we going to give God? Since everything belongs to God we need to choose to give him everything.

30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 29)


Which commandment is the greatest? (Mt 22:34-40) How would you answer that question if you didn’t already know the answer? In the Old Testament times, there were hundreds of laws. Nowadays we might think of the Ten Commandments. But Jesus didn’t choose any of those. He tells us to love God and our neighbor. We don’t have to choose between them. We just have to choose to love at all times, in all places to love God and all those that he has made.