Sunday Gospels

Through the lens of Discipleship


The readings for the Sundays of February are a guide to what it means to be a disciple.

On the first Sunday of the month, we hear the call of the first disciples. (Lk 5:1-11) When they are called, they realize that they are sinners. Once they realize their unworthiness, they are given a mission. Have you heard the call of Jesus? Do you realize that you are unworthy for this great gift given to you out of pure love? If you do, you’re ready for your mission.


The following week, we hear one of the most beautiful and most challenging passages in the Gospels. (Lk 6:17, 20-26) You can use it as an examination to see if you’re living as a disciple. Have you chosen to be poor so that others may live? Have you chosen to lack certain things so that others may eat? Do you have a heart that gives sympathy to those who suffer? Do you live in such a way that your life is a challenge of conversion to the rich and powerful? Have you received your consolation here? Are you filled? Do you spend your life not in the joy of the Lord but in worldly pleasures? Does your Christian faith ever cost you anything?

Question mark

If you managed to pass last week’s test of discipleship, there’s more. And if you didn’t pass, don’t lose heart. Your Father is patient but he wants you to come to perfection and to be as merciful as he is. (Lk 6:27-38) Here are some further questions. Do you love your enemies? Do you do good to them, bless them and pray for them? Do you really want other people to treat you exactly as you treat them? Are you only good to those who are in your own group? Do you judge others? Do you condemn them? Do you forgive? What kind of measure are you measuring with?


The readings of the first three weeks have certainly been a good preparation for Lent. In this final Sunday before Lent, remember that when you are fully trained you will be like Jesus. You will see clearly and be able to help others. You will have a store of goodness in your heart. You will be a tree that gives good, sweet and abundant fruit. (Lk 6:39-45)