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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of Relationship

The four Gospels this month can teach us about proper relationships, especially about our relationship with God, which should be docile, trusting, imitative, and grateful.

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 3)

Jesus is our teacher and we are his students. We should allow ourselves to be taught. In today’s Gospel (Mt 16:21-27), Peter thinks that Jesus is saying the wrong things. We can easily think this as well. We might think that it’s too hard or that there is an easier path to take. But Jesus says no. We are his disciples and we must follow him if we want to have eternal life.

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 10)


Do we trust in Jesus? In today’s Gospel (Mt 18:15-20), Jesus says that if two of us agree on earth, we’ll see miracles. Maybe part of the miracle is for even two of us to agree! He wants us to believe that when we are truly united, he is there and he loves us.

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 17)

Today we hear the parable of the Unforgiving Servant. (Mt 18:21-35) A servant should imitate his master’s generosity. The servant can not repay his master for all of the good things the master has given him—including, in this case, forgiveness. But he can share these good gifts with his fellow servants—or he can refuse.

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 24)

Our final Gospel this month is the parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard. (Mt 20:1-16a) Our relationship with God includes a vocation, a calling. God calls us to work in the vineyard of his creation, to cooperate with his goodness. And our reward is: Jesus Christ. How could we want more? We need to be grateful for the opportunity to work for the kingdom and overjoyed that we will receive far, far more than we deserve.