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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of The Transforming Power of Love

Love has the power to transform everything in the world and in our lives. In the Gospels for February, let’s see love in action.

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (February 4)


In this short Gospel from Mark (Mk 1:29-39), we see the love of the apostles for Peter’s mother-in-law, the love of a whole town for their sick, and the love of the people for Jesus. This human love calls forth a response of healing love from Jesus to heal the broken, cast out evil, and teach those who are in ignorance.

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time (February 11)

Jesus healing a leper

Love always desires to make things whole and beautiful. When the leper comes and kneels before Jesus (Mk 1:40-45), Jesus sees the brokenness of this man: his suffering, his disfigurement, and his isolation. This moves the Heart of Jesus to restore him to health, wholeness, and the joy of belonging to his community.

1st Sunday of Lent (February 18)

Stones shaped like loaves of bread

Jesus knows about our temptations, struggles, darkness, and sins. He loves us so much that he became one of us in order to take us away from the slavery of sin and lead us into the kingdom of God. (Mk 1:12-15) Today he calls us to repent, to turn around, to believe in the good news that he loves us and has come with power to transform our lives.

2nd Sunday of Lent (February 25)

When the world was created, everything was good. Everything was whole and perfect. Then sin entered into the world and tried to hide the goodness and beauty of creation. It even tried to hide the beauty of God. Today just for a moment, Jesus allows us to see his hidden glory. (Mk 9:2-10) This is a sign of hope for us. His love is ready to restore us and transform us into children of God so that we truly will be one with him.