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Sunday Gospels

Through the Lens of the two ways

We are often given choices between two things. In the Old Testament, the people are told that life and death are set before them. Jesus tells us we can’t choose God and riches. The Didache reminds us that one way leads to life and the other to death.

This month we are looking at our Gospels through the lens of the two ways.

broken heart

Separate or Unite

In our first Gospel (Mk 10:2-16), we see a choice being made between separation and union. Because of their hardheartedness, the Pharisees desire separation but God’s plan from the beginning is union.


Riches or Eternal Life


In the second Gospel (Mk 10:17-30), we see a young man given a choice between his possessions and following Jesus. St. Polycarp said that the root of all evil is the desire to possess. Is Jesus the pearl of great price for you? Is he all that you long to possess?

Selfishness or Service

In Mk 10:35-45, James and John are choosing the path of selfishness. They want to make sure that they get a good seat and they don’t care what happens to others. Jesus teaches them that the way to life means making sure that others are served.

Keeping Others Away or Drawing Them In

In the story of blind Bartimaeus (Mk 10:46-52), the crowd initially try to keep Bartimaeus away from Jesus. But Jesus tells them instead to help Bartimaeus to reach him. Do your actions keep others away from Jesus or draw them to him?

Burnt Offerings or Love

In the final Gospel this month (Mk 10:46-52), a scribe proclaims that loving God and your neighbor is worth more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices. In the end, the only thing that matters is love. It is the only thing that remains.