The Dishonest Steward

The November Gospel readings give us many opportunities to reflect on our final end, eternal life.

What can we learn from a dishonest steward? Jesus said that the children of this world are wiser than the children of light. Why is that? It is because the children of this world use everything to get what they want. They don’t lose any opportunities to advance toward their earthly goal.

Jesus wants us to learn something from every situation. So what can we learn from this parable?

The dishonest steward probably was telling the debtors to cancel the portion of the debt that he was planning to keep for himself. Many times we imagine that other people owe us something and we refuse to forgive these debts. When you cancel debts by forgiving, you advance on your way to Heaven.

The steward also canceled their debts because he wanted them to invite him into their homes even though he was a sinner. We want God to welcome us into Heaven even though we are sinners. In order for that to happen, start inviting other people into your heart even though they are sinners.