St. John Vianney and Prayer

Meditation Four

What is prayer? St. John Vianney teaches us some powerful things about prayer. This is the fourth in a series of reflections on his instructions about prayer.

A very small cup can hold only a small amount of water but the waters of the ocean are practicing immeasurable. The cup could not make itself expand to hold all the water in the ocean. We are like very small cups.

On our own, we are not really able to love. We may love some people some of the time but we don’t have the strength to love all people all of the time. But when we pray, we put our hearts in the presence of our loving Father. He can expand our hearts and make us able to love as he loves. Then we will be able to really see each person we meet and understand their struggles. God can help us to understand how much he loves each of them, and we will be able to participate in this love.