What Do You Desire?

In the Lenten season, we often think about what we’re going to give up or what good practices we’re going to begin. In a certain sense, we focus on ourselves. We also often focus on the outside of the cup—what we will do or not do with our exteriors.

But Jesus is interested in our hearts. It is in our hearts and our desires that good or evil dwell. Many times both good and evil dwell together in an uneasy alliance.

How can we change our desires so that they will be one with the desires of Jesus? After all, true friendship exists when friends have the same desires.

Changing our desires is not something that we can do on our own. So it is the perfect opportunity to put ourselves trustingly into the hands of the Divine Physician.

Maybe this Lent set aside a few minutes every day to examine your desires in the Presence of Jesus. Ask him to strengthen the good ones and change the evil ones. You could also decide that all of your Lenten practices are a prayer begging Jesus to, “Make my heart like your Heart.”