The crescent moon near Jupiter

Explore Jupiter

Science Snippet: Explore Jupiter Jupiter is much farther away than Mars. Despite this, it is currently close to 40 times brighter. In fact, Jupiter is the fourth brightest object in the sky after the sun, the moon, and Venus. How can Jupiter be so much brighter than Mars? Jupiter is much larger than Mars. In …

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Occultation of Mars

Explore Mars

Science Snippet: Explore Mars Anyone who completed my astronomy challenge last year should remember Mars as a brilliant red “star”. But if you try to find Mars now, it won’t look the same; it is over six times dimmer than it was in December. Mars is not very large. It is only about half the …

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Venus and Mercury conjunction

Explore Mercury

Science Snippet: Explore Mercury Mercury is a difficult planet to observe. It is the smallest planet and it is currently over 121 million miles away. But that is not why Mercury is hard to see. While Mercury may be small for a planet, it is not that small. It is slightly larger than the moon. …

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