The Saints and Their Love for Mary

Venerable Aloysius Schwartz

Photo of Ven. Aloysius Schwartz. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever heard of Mary’s title Virgin of the Poor? In 1933, Mary appeared to 12-year-old Mariette Beco in the small town of Banneux, Belgium. She told Mariette that she was the Virgin of the Poor.

Aloysius Schwartz was three years old and living in the United States when Mary appeared to Mariette in Belgium. He became devoted to the Virgin of the Poor who had said, “I come to relieve suffering.” After he was ordained, Aloysius asked to be sent to Korea where he founded his first homes for desperately poor children. During his life, his work spread around the world and now more than 170,000 children have graduated from his schools. They have been lifted up to a new life.

As he was dying Fr. Aloysius called out to his friend, Mary. He was so united to her that he said, “All praise, honor, and glory for anything good accomplished in my life goes to her and to her alone.”