In Pilgrim Land

Part Twelve: Homeward Bound and Looking Forward

I spent my afternoon walking around San Luis looking at the interesting architecture. San Luis is a quaint little town, but many buildings are abandoned and crumbling. In the late afternoon, my ride arrived and we drove north towards Denver. The views were breathtaking. On the way down, it had rained most of the time so I had not been able to see much of the landscape. We got a good view of Huerfano mesa. Huerfano means orphan. It is the only mesa in that direction. If you look the other way, you can see several larger mesas but Huerfano is off all by itself. It grew dark as we drove north. It felt very strange to be riding in a car after walking for so many days. At my front door, I said goodbye to the other pilgrims and my trip was officially over.

Thank you for “joining” me on my pilgrimage! I hope you enjoyed reading about this wonderful experience. I hope to travel to Canada this summer with the Society of Servant Pilgrims. (God willing!) We will visit the Tomb shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha, The Oratoire du Saint-Joseph, the tomb of Brother Andre, and the Shrine of Ste Anne de Beaupré. You can find out more about this trip and the Society of Servant Pilgrims here. Maybe someday, I will see you on the road!

¡Vaya Con Dios!

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