In Pilgrim Land

Part Two: On the Road to Truchas

This was our first day of walking. When I heard that we would be walking seven miles, I thought it would be easy. But it turned out to be all uphill. And the hill was steep. Before we left Chimayo, we visited the Oviedo Gallery which was owned by our host. I was amazed by the many beautiful pieces both in bronze and wood. All the pieces were made by Mr. Oviedo.

We climbed out of the valley going very slowly and taking many breaks to sit on guardrails. The views were breathtaking all day. In the early part of the day, we could look down into the valley and see the red rocks around Chimayo. Later in the day, the scenery changed to evergreen forest. From Truchas, we could see the line of the Rio Grande far away. It looked like a dark green streak on the valley floor.

We spent the afternoon in the little town of Truchas and slept that night in the Presbyterian church. I walked around looking at interesting birds and plants but I walked very slowly because I was tired after those hills. That night, I slept on two pew cushions on the floor of the church. Some of the other pilgrims tried to convince me to sleep on a folding table but I was worried about falling off! Later in the trip, I became a table sleeper (and I did not fall off).

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