Naming the Days of Lent Part 7

What if all the days of Lent had names instead of just a few? Let’s explore the days of Lent! See below this week’s posts to view the other weeks.

Clean Wednesday

Today is a good day to clean your hearts and homes to welcome Jesus. All the disciples wondered whether they could be the betrayer. They all knew their hearts and knew that they had often betrayed Jesus in little ways. If you clean your heart and let Jesus burn away all that is not from him, then he will turn everything even your betrayals into something good.

Rooster Tuesday

The rooster is a sign of dawn and a sign to come out of our sins and darkness. It can also remind us not to rely on our own strength. Peter was sure that he was strong and that he would even give his life for Jesus. When we rely on our own strength, we are sure to fail. But when we rely on Jesus, we can follow him all the way to Heaven.

Oil Monday

The Chrism Mass is often celebrated today or on another day of this week. The oils the Church will use during the year and priests renew their vows to love and serve. In the Gospel, Mary anoints the feet of Jesus with oil as a sign of her love and service. Today is a good day to pray for priests and to renew your commitment to love and serve.

Palm Sunday

This day is already named from the palms that are carried in procession. We start this week with a triumph and we end it with an even greater triumph. The normal activity of the Christian is rejoicing because Jesus has conquered sin and death. Hosanna!