Naming the Days of Lent Part 6

What if all the days of Lent had names instead of just a few? Let’s explore the days of Lent! See below this week’s posts to view the other weeks.

Ephraim Saturday

Perhaps I should have called this Unity Saturday since the readings are all about the mission of Jesus to gather all those who are scattered back into one family. But I chose Ephraim for a particular reason and the name fits well with the idea of unity. Ephraim was the grandson of Jacob and the second son of Joseph. The name Ephraim came to symbolize the northern or lost tribes of Israel. There are many passages in the Old Testament which speak of God yearning for the return of Ephraim. He longs to gather the tribes that had been scattered back to himself. Is not Ephraim my dear son, the child in whom I delight? Though I often speak against him, I still remember him. Therefore my heart yearns for him; I have great compassion for him,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 31:20

Consecration Friday

What does it mean that the Father consecrated Jesus? He set him aside for us so that Jesus could dedicate himself totally to our salvation. Since Jesus so dedicated himself totally to your salvation to the point of giving his life for you, today would be a good day for you to consecrate yourself to him.

Existence Thursday

Today Jesus speaks the words, “I am” and he says that if we keep his words, we will never taste death. He is existence and if we remain in him; he will share his existence with us so that we will live forever.

Remain Wednesday

How do we remain in the word of Jesus so that we can be truly free? We want to live in the freedom of Jesus which is the freedom to love at every moment. Let us ask him to give us his Heart so that we will truly be free to love.

Name Tuesday

Why is the name of God “I AM”? He is the only one who is existence. We have existence because he shares his existence with us. He, however, is existence and without him, nothing would exist.

Go Monday

There are many people who go this Monday while Jesus calmly writes on the ground. The scribes and Pharisees go when they become ashamed to stand in the presence of Jesus because of their sins. What about the woman? She stays until she receives the forgiveness of Jesus. Now she can go and live a new life.

Lazarus Sunday

(Because the Gospel of Lazarus could always be chosen on this Sunday, we will remember today as Lazarus Sunday.)

Two weeks before Easter, all the Gospels speak to us of the Resurrection which is our hope. In year A, Jesus raises his friend Lazarus from the tomb as a sign of the Resurrection to come. In year B, Jesus says that when he is lifted up, he will draw everyone to himself through the Cross to the Resurrection. Finally, in year C, Jesus stoops down and then raises himself up as he forgives the sinful woman giving her—and all of us—a chance to have New Life.