Naming the Days of Lent Part 3

Prodigal Saturday

Today we can look at two prodigal characters and one who was not. Prodigal can mean either extremely wasteful or extremely generous. The younger son was extremely wasteful and his father was extremely generous. But the older son was neither. Therefore he could not pardon the excessive sin of his brother or understand the excessive mercy of his Father. “He who is forgiven much loves much.” Jesus does not desire us to sin but if we turn to him he will forgive us. What he really doesn’t want is for us to be lukewarm (Revelation 3:16) because then we will neither understand nor desire his forgiveness.

Vineyard Friday

We live in the vineyard of God. He has given us everything that we need in order to produce an abundant harvest of grapes. But the grapes aren’t just for our own use. God is looking for the good fruits of our lives because we are his servants and the servants of everyone in the world.

Noticing Thursday

What was the sin of the rich man? He didn’t hit Lazarus or say mean words to him. He didn’t call the police and ask them to remove Lazarus from his doorstep. He simply did not even notice him. He probably saw him but he did not give him his attention or his love. Today is a good day to truly notice other people in your life.

Zebedee Wednesday

Zebedee Wednesday calls on us to make a choice. James and John had been called by Jesus to leave everything and follow him. On that day, they left their possessions, their livelihood, and even their father Zebedee. But today, we will see that they haven’t left their own will, their own desires, their own striving for success. For the Christian, every day needs to be a Zebedee day—a day for listening to what Jesus is calling you to abandon for love of him.

Humble Tuesday

We all have many reasons to be humble. We’re human beings. We’re created. We are, in addition, sinners. Any good things that we have are from God and often we fail to use them well or to be grateful for them. Humility means admitting all this and then being admitted into the embrace of the Holy Trinity, our Father, Teacher, and Master.

Measure Monday

What is your measure? Do you use a 1/8 teaspoon or do you use a ten-ton truck? Jesus is generous and he wants to give you eternity. But if your heart and your hands are too small, you won’t be able to receive it.

Transfiguration Sunday

What is the purpose of Lent? Is it to give up pleasures, pray more and give a bit of money to the poor only to return to being the same person you were once Easter arrives? It would be sad if that’s what Lent was. This season of Lent is an amazing call to let yourself be entirely changed, transfigured, transformed… into Jesus.