Naming the Days of Lent Part 5

Separation Saturday

Jesus came to bring all things back into unity. But we can resist this call by stubbornly clinging to what we think we know rather than working together to discover the Truth which is Jesus.

Knowledge Friday

There are different types of knowledge. A person could know many facts about another person without truly knowing them. In today’s Gospel, the people in Jerusalem missed getting to know Jesus because they thought they already knew all about him.

Testify Thursday

Yesterday we thought about our work. Today let’s see if our work gives testimony that we are Christians, that we are members of Christ’s Body. How do Christians work? Always with the goal of building up, of doing good, and of loving God and neighbor as we love ourselves.

Work Wednesday

Jesus says that the only work he does is the work he sees the Father doing. What work does the Father do? He creates, he loves, he forgives, he delights, he does everything that is good. Is your work the work of the Father?

Sheep Gate Tuesday

We are the sick laying at the sheep gate. What do we want? Do we want to be healed entirely body, soul, mind, and spirit? Or are we content to keep laying there stuck in our same old ways?

One o’clock Monday

Jesus has entered into our time. That means that he is present at every moment. But we are often not present at every moment in our own lives. If we were, we would meet Jesus constantly. Instead, sometimes we only become present when something amazing happens and we notice that it is one o’clock and Jesus is there.

Rejoice Sunday

Why should we rejoice today? Well, there are many reasons but the Gospels for this Sunday give us three reasons. First, we have spiritual sight which is Faith. With this gift, we can find meaning in our lives. (Year A) Secondly, we have the gift of the love of God. With this gift, we can recognize our value and that of others. (Year B) Finally, we have complete and generous forgiveness of all our sins. With this gift, we can confidently trust in our Father and have the freedom to forgive anyone who has offended us. Rejoice!