Naming the Days of Lent Part 2

Perfect Saturday

How is God perfect? He is perfect in love. He is perfect love. In order to be perfect as he is perfect, we have to love to the greatest extent that we can. We can’t just love those who love us and are good to us. We must love and desire the salvation of everyone, even those who wish us harm.

Altar Friday

When we come before God and bring our gifts to the altar, we have to alter our behavior toward our neighbors. Jesus does not want us to come to the altar alone, separated from the others whom he also loves. He wants us to bring ourselves and, through us, the whole world.

Ask Thursday

If you knew someone with incredible wealth and this rich person told you to ask for whatever you needed what would you do? Today Jesus tells us to ask, to ask insistently and persistently for what we need. “Give me a clean heart.” “Help me to love.” “Stay with me.” “Increase my faith.”

Sign Wednesday

Why do we need signs? In our everyday life, signs assure us that we are going the right way. They tell us what to do or not to do. But once you have a perfectly good sign, why would you want another one? If you asked for another one, you would be saying, “This sign isn’t good enough or trustworthy.” Jesus has given us one sign that points us to Heaven: his sacrificial love on the Cross.

Our Father Tuesday

We pray the Our Father often but do we think about its purpose? Why did Jesus give us this prayer? So that we could use it to babble as the pagans do? The Our Father is a key to open our Father’s heart and to reveal our hearts.

Sheep Monday

Why do the sheep enter Eternal Life? They share the same vision with Jesus. When they see something broken, someone hurting, they want to restore, renew and bring healing. And because Jesus came to live our sorrows with us, when they touch the sorrowing, they touch Jesus.

Angel Sunday

“The angels ministered to him.” Just as Jesus had angels to serve him during his earthly life so do we. Whenever you are tempted to give up, remember the angels urging you to listen to the words of Jesus, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.” In other words, turn towards Jesus and live as he did.