Moths and Porch Lights Part Two

For the introduction to this series, see here

You may remember that we explored attracting insect to porch lights. I shared pictures of some of my interesting visitors. Today I would like to post a little update with pictures of some recent visitors to my back porch light. As summer gives way to fall, the cast of characters at my light has shifted. I now rarely see Asian lady beetles, melon beetles, or crane flies. Some new characters have appeared. One of the most dramatic was the very large katydid. These large green leaf-like insects make rhythmic clicking noises in trees during the late summer. I did not know they were attracted to light. One of the most common kinds of moths on the sheet have been corn earworm moths. These big pale brown moths are pests of corn plants and are very common in our area in the fall. Below you can see pictures of some of my more interesting nocturnal neighbors.

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